Thursday, 5 January 2012

Branding or SEO?

Branding or SEO
Branding or SEO?
Within marketing there are two giants, SEO and branding. Where many choose one or the other, new marketing strategies have proven to assist in creating a brand while still deploying effective SEO campaigns. However, unlike websites that concentrate only on SEO, sites that are attempting to create a brand are limiting their SEO for stronger branding. This is a practice that might be hurting you rather than helping you. Here are a few ways to create an effective SEO campaign while still working towards a strong branding.

Choose Your Domain:

What’s in a name? In the case of branding, everything is in the name. Just like,, or, the name says it all. If you are attempting to create a brand your domain name is important. This is going to be the first mention of your brand when someone wants to visit you online. Though many SEO marketers create domain names that relay the message of their sites, in branding you want to relay the brand you are creating.

When choosing your domain, you will want to choose one that is easy to remember, is recognizable, and identifies your site. You don’t have to be a company to have a brand; you just have to have identity and something the people want. Just like, anyone with anything of value can create a brand that people will recognize.

Create an Identity:

The most important aspect of branding is to create an image people will recognize. If you see an apple with a bite taken, you automatically associate that with Apple. If you see a large golden M, then you are probably craving a Big Mac from McDonalds. Identity is imperative to branding but also to SEO.

You don’t have to create an icon or logo that identifies your site, though it does help. Branding and SEO are both about getting your site and message out. With that said, you will want to be sure your site, message and identity is unique. This is hard considering the vast amount of information on the internet, but it is possible. Take your message and create a unique twist that you can create your identity from.

Use Your SEO Campaign for Branding:

In the past few years, many believed that you had to choose between SEO and branding, however, branding and SEO should go hand in hand to be successful. If you have created a unique identity that defines who you are, include it in your SEO. Utilize keywords, meta-tags, and advertising to get your brand out there.

With social media playing a huge part in SEO and advertising, you can assist your branding with the same tool. Create a Facebook page or Twitter account for your brand. Get involved in the community with new posts, latest news, or information that will engage your followers. This is a great way to get your brand name on the lips of thousands.

Blogging for Your Brand:

There is a trend that many are using to build SEO and backlinks with ease. Guest blogging is a simple way to get your brand out there while increasing your SEO strategy. Find sites that are relevant to your message and offer guest posting. This will create valid backlinks as well as include your brand name in the posts. This is the perfect example of how SEO and branding should go hand in hand.

Branding and SEO marketing were once a black and white decision. Now you can create a brand without compromising your SEO strategy. Find new and effective ways to include your brand name in your SEO and also add to your SEO by including your brand.

About the guest author: Nate Dorcett works with businesses small or large on the best experiential marketing agencies to use for their needs.

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