Wednesday, 30 November 2011

SEO Poised for Strong Growth

Search Engine Optimisation is set to rise by approaching a fifth in the US and Canada this year, says a report from the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization. And a similar trend is very likely to be seen on this side of the Atlantic.
 The figures, from a web-based survey which quizzed more than 900 businesses this spring, make revealing reading. Increases in mobile marketing, behavioural targeting and local searches were among the key findings.
 The report also revealed a hike in the numbers of organisations realising the benefits of outsourcing their search engine optimisation to an SEO company.
 Overall, the search marketing sector in the States is set to grow by 16% to $19.3bn, compared to 14% in 2010. Meanwhile, researcher eMarketer says it expects search marketing income for this year to rise by more than 11% as against 2010.
 The survey also found that 84% of businesses promoted themselves via Facebook, a figure which has risen from 73% in 2010. Around three quarters of respondents also said they used Twitter for the same reason, while just over half, or 52%, made use of LinkedIn.
 The number doing their own SEO was down to 44% from the previous figure of 51%, meaning most now hire an SEO company to do their search marketing for them. Over half, or 55%, do their own social media in-house – the figure in 2010 was 62%.
 Above all, the survey has highlighted greater competition for all businesses online so having a strong proven SEO company has never been more business critical.

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