Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Search Engine Optimization

Is your website on the first page of one of the big search engines- Google, Yahoo or Bing? It should be if you want to generate powerful sales because millions of people use them to find products and services. Most people will only click on links which are on the first page of search results. It's either your company or your competitor.


Following are the different packages we offer for SEO. We will do many things to optimize your website, but the two main ingredients to jump start your ranking are Bookmarks and Links pointing to your site. Depending on your competition and depending on the number of bookmarks and the number of back links you get every month, your site will rank more or less faster.

Call for a free quote. We'll research your market and let you know what you're up against to determine which package would be most appropriate and what kind of turn around you can expect based on previous experiences.

Packages 1
$500/month Packages 2
$1000/month Packages 3
$1,500/month Packages 4

15 back links
35 back links
60 back links
150 back links

We continuously monitor the algorithm changes of the big 3 search engines to bring you the latest cost-efficient techniques. Our proven method will push your website up the search engine ladder and generate a wave of new profitable leads. Our Search Engine Optimization techniques include:

Market Research- Each market has several niches, some crowded, some untapped. We analyze potential keywords and determine a strategy for your business.

Keywords Research- We determine what words your target audience will be typing into search engines to find your product or service. It is crucial to hit the right crowd in order to generate a high return on investment ROI. We will research the best keywords based on search frequency and PPC for your specific product or service. These keywords will be placed in an online account for you to monitor.

Link Building- We have diverse ethical methods of building high-quality links to help you rank well in the search engines.

Social Bookmarking- We will promote your website through a private social community to make sure we jump start the bookmarking process. Each bookmark counts as a vote that Google will be looking at. We will get you many.

Built-In SEO Framework
- Including optimized title & meta-data. If we build the site, this will be included. If not, we will have to do onsite SEO.

Clean XHTML & CSS Code
- We will make sure your CSS and XHTML code is W3C compliant.

W3C Standards Compliant Pages- There is sound reasoning to comply with the current trend to use W3C stardards. Using codes such as HTTP, HTML or XML are essential to any organization's success on the web because they allow search engine spiders to crawl through and index your website's pages.

Optimized URL Extensions
- to compete in your industry.

Directory Submission
- Your website should be submitted to specific directories.

With MediaCorpus Boston Web Design & Development taking care of your SEO needs, you can focus on what really matters- making money from your online venture!

Still wondering why you should do SEO on your site?


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