Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Increase Website Traffic FREE

Long gone are the days of building a site and having visitors magically appear. Now you have to build on SEO website traffic. Getting good SEO to increase website traffic free takes effort. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a very critical part of website design and search engine rankings. In order to succeed with your online money maker efforts, it is a part that webmasters MUST master if they want to stay in their line of work.

The first requirement of driving seo website traffic is to have your on-page elements in place. These include Meta description, title tags, the proper use of H1 and H2 tags, along with early placement of your keywords in the content of the web page.

Once that is in place, you can start to get website traffic for free without wasting your time.

If you want to improve your search engine rankings as well as increase website traffic for free, it is critical to focus on building one-way links back to your website. These links should be from other high page rank sites. Definitely stay away from link farms and even reciprocal link exchanges. It’s pretty much a waste of time to do a reciprocal link exchange. And, link farms will just send your site into a downward spiral and possibly get you banned from the search engines all together.

A good way to get your pages indexed to achieve search engine visibility is to use social bookmarking sites. Come up with variations in your keyword phrases, titles, and descriptions and submit your link to a handful of bookmarking sites. This will help you get indexed in the search engines. You won’t see any major increase in site traffic until your pages are indexed.

Other very good ways to increase website traffic include writing and submitting articles, creating videos and uploading them with your keyword phrases while pointing back to your website, submitting your site to industry relevant directories, writing and submitting press releases, and simply generating awesome content through a blog.

Generating website traffic takes time and effort. There are a lot of people out there that claim to have tons of visitors seemingly overnight. Remember, there is always a story behind the story! Nothing good usually happens overnight. You have to look at your site from a wide angle but drive traffic through a laser focused strategy.

Over time, as website traffic increases, your page rank will increase too. Even an ugly website in a competitive market with minimal promotion can still see a rise in page rank as the site ages as long as the key SEO elements are in place.

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