Saturday, 31 December 2011

5 Blogging Ideas that Spark Engagement

If you blog for business, you’ll know that every once in a while you run dry on ideas to share with your audience. I’m not the first to admit that it’s a shared challenge among professional bloggers as well as bloggers who are just getting started.

To help generate traffic and interest, here are five ideas to spark meaningful discussion and engagement on your blog.
Tell a meaningful story that people can identify with.
People follow blogs not just for their bullet points and fancy layouts. Tell a story that your audience can relate to and can tell that piece was written especially for them.

Share a personal experience that has a point.
Blogs do more than generate leads; they instill trust and loyalty among its readers. Share an emphatic story with personal convictions. It could be about customers, industry, or something that you observed over the weekend.

Respond to buzz and discussion in your industry.
Blogs are a great way for people to gain perspective on an industry. In a time when a person’s Twitter stream is filled with non-stop links and minimal conversation, author an informative and balanced perspective on recent news and events in your industry.

Engage your inactive readers with a unique contest.
A blog is a great place to host a contest because it gives you freedom to choose the purpose of the contest, qualifications and even more ideas to write about later. Consider asking people to share their feedback and award a contributor with a new iPad, gift card or other hot item that sparks interest from inactive subscribers.

Make a controversial point that begs others to think (and respond).
If you want to get attention (traffic), it doesn’t hurt to stir up some controversy. If it makes readers think, “Did they really say that?!” you’ll find yourself usually on the receiving end of a number of very passionate comments for (or against) your point. You don’t want to do this too often, otherwise your corporate blog could be dismissed as sensational and lose credibility.

These blogging ideas will help you be a more successful blogger. The point here is to share more of your personality, your views and be heard in your industry. Do you have any additional ideas to help bloggers generate more interest in their blogs? Suggest them in the comments below!

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